Monday, 1 April 2013


*Update - My achilles injury seems to be slowly healing but I haven't run for a week! now I have some sort of cold.  I think the Yorkshire 3 Peaks fell race is looking in doubt now.

Well for the first time in almost a year I have an injury that is stopping me running, it's only been 5 days  but it seems like a lifetime.  I'm a typical man and I always self diagnose myself before seeing an expert.  I believe (with the help of Google) that I have a minor rupture or tear in my left Achilles tendon.  It happened during a hill training session last week.  I believe I know the reason why, I wore old trainers because my usual ones were wet, big mistake!  So I know when, I know how but when will I be able to run again?

This is not good, I'm a runner, I need to run! I've turned into a right miserable git and it made me realise how much running is part of my life now.  Not only that but Just last week I decided I was going to make things official and join a club.  I decided at 43, even though I enjoy running on my own that I would benefit from being in a club.  After lots of research (5 minutes) I decided there was only one club for me and that is Dark Peak Fell Runners.  Can you even join a running club when injured? Will they take me on? Should I wait until my injury is healed?  so many questions! I will defer my decision for a few more days.  Until then I need to rest and try to find a cure for my miserable gititis.

Here are my symptoms:

Lack of energy

Please help!

I'm going to read Feet in the Clouds again to see if that helps.


  1. All those could be symptoms of overtraining as well.
    Don't panic. Just because you can't run for a week, or even three doesn't mean that you turn into "not a runner".

    Put it another way. Would you rather rest up and heal, and run to the best of you abilities, or, in 5 months time, still be limping around with an achilles problem that could have healed relatively quickly, had it had the chance?

    Not telling you not to run, just giving you some ideas as to potential outcomes.

    1. Thanks for the comment Zephr. The Achilles injury was definitely because I wore old trainers. I'd put them on because my others were wet. I felt the pain before the end of the session but carried on. When I look at old trainers now, I can see my heel twists inwards even when standing in them. God knows what was happening when running! I ran 2.5 miles last night and I was wary of going up onto my toes but it wasn't too bad. I'm having trouble with my knees also so I'm going to get looked at by an expert. I read your blog alot so I know you're in the business, can you recommend a good running physio in Sheffield? I was thinking Holywell Health because of their close attachment to the Accelerate running store.

      I'm entered into the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and at this rate I won't make the start line but this race was a prep race for the Brecon 40 which I really don't want to miss.